A calm water sail from Islamorada to Key West

We left the Boy Scouts of America’s High Adventure Seabase with a 25 knot wind behind us 2 days after Christmas. Island Dreamer and our buddy boat Chantaclair took the backcountry route on the north side of the Florida Keys for our sail to Key West. The geography of the lower Keys with its shallow waters and many small islands on the Gulf side provided a flat water sail even with winds gusting to 30.  Our crew of 6 boys and 2 adult leaders was from Colorado Springs. Even though they had not sailed before they learned to take the helm and trim the sails very quickly. One of the boys thought that steering the boat was easier than learning to drive his car.  It certainly helped to have our first days be in protected waters.

We snorkeled at Content Key searching for what turned out to be the highly elusive Florida lobster. Fortunately we had caught a Cero Mackerel on our sail so we were able to have a seafood dinner. I guess next time I will have to get in the water instead of depending on the scouts to find those Wiley crustaceans.  After a beautiful night a anchor in Johnson Key channel watching the stars then we finished our sail entering the Northwest Channel to Key West.

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