Margies new article on sailboat heeling

Margie wrote a new article for womens sailing connection that begins with her intro to sailing;

So the person you really care about and that you thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with has decided that he must have a sailboat.  How could it happen that the person you thought you knew well was harboring a hidden agenda?  Well, maybe it wasn’t so hidden but circumstances have kept the concept at bay, so to speak.  He may have expressed his desire for a sailboat in the past, but you didn’t think it was serious or you were hoping that it had faded with time.  Maybe you already have a powerboat and he’s gotten bored with it, as happened in my case.  We fished and dived all over Southeast Florida and the Keys in various sizes of powerboats and now he wanted something different.  The deciding factor that gave us the impetus to go ahead and make the change was when we found a fully equipped 24’ sailboat on a trailer parked under a mango tree at the local pawnshop, of all places.  It had everything one could need including 5 sails, dinner service for 6 and a port-a-potty.  The down side was that the inside of it was filled with rainwater.  The cockpit drains had become plugged with leaves from the tree and the water ran down into the cabin.  Since this is subtropical Florida, everything inside that was above the level of the water was black with mildew.  Oh, and the swing keel was rusted in place.

In any case, that was the first chapter in our sailing life.  I know now, however, that the sailing fantasy was there long before we purchased that first sailboat and even before we got married and lived in Indiana.  Back then the idea had seemed improbable; in fact, it just didn’t fit into the plans of a young couple starting out in life together.  When the time and opportunity presented themselves, however, it was still there.  And once the dream was realized, it was good for me and good for my relationship, besides being fun.  Now we’re enjoying the outdoors together and even getting a little physical exercise.  At the same time, I have more self-confidence and the feelings of mutual respect for each other have grown, as well.  I’ve come to believe that sailing is a great activity for couples to learn together.  What are the issues that are keeping many women (and men) away from sailing, since the benefits of sailing together can be so great?

She goes on to talk about why a sailboat heels and what you can do about it.  Please go to womens sailing to read the whole thing

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