The seldom visited parts of the Florida Keys

A quote from the Key West Citizen-

“Although the Florida Keys are connected by more than 40 bridges spanning the 110-mile island chain, the vast majority of keys are remote, uninhabited and accessible only by boat.”

Although Margie and I had visited the Keys many times before, the first time we sailed down from Miami by boat we were amazed by the feeling of being far from civilization. Driving US 1 to Key West provides beautiful views from the bridges, and each little town has it’s own charm, but the true treasures of the Keys are seen when anchoring by small mangrove islands or watching the amazing diversity of wildlife, and the quiet slow journey riding the wind. After a  trip by sailboat far away from the hustle of the highway you begin to appreciate not only how big the Keys really are but how much you have missed at 55 MPH.

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