Kayaking in the Florida Keys

There is a great article in the NY Times today  about Kayaking near Marathon;

“WE were paddling atop an expanse of shin-deep water, and our guide was in the middle of a long recital of facts about the old Seven Mile Bridge, the decaying concrete structure we had just passed beneath.”

Whether you are Kayaking, sailing, or riding in a shallow draft boat in the clear waters of the Keys, the opportunity to see and be close to an amazing amount of wildlife is possible. Here is the authors take on seeing a Stingray;

“We glided to within a kayak’s length of this four-foot-wide, undulating creature as it hovered just centimeters above the sea floor. For about a minute, we watched it coast through the flats at the approximate pace of a waddling land turtle. And then, unexpectedly, this platter-shaped behemoth darted off, leaving a cloud of white sand in its place.”

This morning, when I was having coffee in the cockpit, two Dolphins were swimming right next to the boat. Even though we see them regularly it is still exciting.  The quiet journey over shallow clear water is endlessly fascinating as well as relaxing.  Take some time today to enjoy a little bit of nature wearever you are. You can read the rest of the article here.    New York Times article

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