Wishing I could write this well

Since I am on this NY Times kick heres a quote from an article by Sam Sifton in todays paper;

“There is only the water, a soft pale grassy green flecked with white that gives way to teal in the channels, and to straw-ruffled browns on the flats, the oily green rise of mangrove hummocks behind them. There are clouds scudding through the immense blue sky, scattered terns wandering the waters with muted cries. There are manta rays pulsing along in the deep, and turtles breaststroking on hidden currents, menacing lemon sharks and motionless barracuda and shrimp and crabs and lobster and conch. There are jacks, and needlefish, and grouper. And there are bonefish: silvery ghosts feeding hard on the tide in the shallows, their dusky tails breaking the surface at the far edge of your eyesight.”

He is discussing bonefishing in the Bahamas, but his description could very well apply to the shallows of the Keys. There is something magical about being surrounded by shallow water and mangrove islands.

When we took our sailboat up the ICW to NY one of the things I missed the most was not being able to see the bottom through the clear water. Because we had spent the previous 25 years boating in the waters of the Keys and the Bahamas, I guess I was starting to take it for granted. Not any more!

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