Visiting new places

We are currently visiting Tel Aviv, Israel.  What struck me this morning as we were walking around the market was both how different it was, yet how it is so much the same as being in the US. The small shops selling a cacophony of goods, the smells of fresh spices and breads is very different than the way goods are presented for sale in the states. When you buy it’s from the owner of the shop. He knows if he does a good job you will come back.

But when you talk to people one on one just like in the states and everywhere I have traveled they are helpful, welcoming, and want to show you the best parts of where they live. Having the time to get off the beaten path and get to know an area is one things I have enjoyed about cruising in our sailboat. The sailing is great but the next stop is just as much fun.

Our visit here is only for two weeks, we did not sail here this time. Someday we will cruise the Med, in the meantime nothing goes to weather like a 747.

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