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Sailing, why we do it, not how to do it

I am paraphrasing from the cover of a recent Latt’s & Att’s I saw on a magazine  rack. It’s a tough question, somehow, even though it seems like it should be obvious.  Sailing along on a broad reach yesterday, temps about 75-80, sun shining, watching the bottom slide by in 10 feet of crystal clear water was […]

Baby, It Was Cold Outside

It sure was nice to look at the 5 day prediction for Miami and see our normal weather for this time of year return. High’s of 80 and lows of 65 are much better than the chilly (Coldest 6 day stretch in Key west since they started keeping records in 1876) past couple of weeks. […]

Dolphins in front of the sailboat

Is going sailing better than going shopping?

Ok, I think I know the answer but a recent study by Ryan Howell, assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University suggests that, in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions. This from a recent CNN article; “While most people were generally happy with the purchase regardless of what it was, those who wrote […]