Sailing, why we do it, not how to do it

I am paraphrasing from the cover of a recent Latt’s & Att’s I saw on a magazine  rack. It’s a tough question, somehow, even though it seems like it should be obvious.  Sailing along on a broad reach yesterday, temps about 75-80, sun shining, watching the bottom slide by in 10 feet of crystal clear water was a pretty good argument. If it was like that every day I guess I might take it for granted. Being in recovery from our 2 weeks of chilly weather, having had to fight (under sail) our way upwind with daytime temps in the mid 60s (hiding in our plastic cockpit enclosure), even having a full wind blown day of no sun, grey skies and rain makes the perfect days something to really appreciate.

Fortunately those ugly day’s do not happen very often and this is the part that I think Latt’s & Att’s is missing. Preparation and knowledge made those days that were not so sweet merely uncomfortable, not dangerous or out of control. Knowing how to plan a trip, read a chart, have your boat shipshape, knowing how to sail makes being out there even when things are not perfect fun in it’s own way. And it really makes you see the beauty when things are wonderful. So I will close with a line from Southern Cross by CSN&Y

“Sailing on a broad reach

before a following sea

80 feet on the waterline

nice to be making way”

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

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