Couples Diving Trips

Captain Holley and Capitan Denny on the Schooner Conch Pearl really enjoy teaching couples to become comfortable diving with each other on their live aboard scuba trips.  Captain Holley (who is also a certified divemaster) helps an unsure or “reluctant” partner to gain confidence in their abilities with her gentle coaching style.

I think that one of the most important skills in being a great diver is being comfortable and relaxed in the water.   Before we started spending so much time sailing I had the privilege of logging thousands of dives in Florida with people of many different skill levels. Things like physical fitness and knowledge of equipment are certainly important  but making the water feel like  home is the top skill you can master.  Buddies that can project that calm feeling  go a long way in making the dive pleasant for their partner.

We have learned a lot from watching Holley and Denny’s teaching style and been able to apply it to our own couples educational sailing trips. the dynamic of having two instructors teaching a couple, giving different perspectives, allows you to learn in a way that will help you retain it better than with a single teaching style.  A positive learning experience with your partner can add a new level to your relationship. Get out there and do it!

Stingray swimming on a reef in the Florida keys while scuba diving

Stingray on a Reef in the Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary

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