Comments from a Couples ASA Class

I just got this from a couple that joined us last spring;

Harold & Margie,

Sorry for not writing sooner but since we arrived home from out trip with you (May 2010) our lives have been at full speed. We cannot thank you enough for the hospitality and education you both provided during our ASA 103 & 104 classes.

It was a great educational vacation. From the moment we stepped on board the Island Dreamer, you and Margie made us feel at home. Chris especially enjoyed Margie’s cooking. Each morning started with a good breakfast and then right into the hands on education, which was the purpose of our trip.

Not only did we increase our skill level daily, but you made time for us to enjoy the sites, snorkel and even listen to some island music at the Tiki bars. We loved stopping at the different Keys along our journey.

Once home, we went right into sailing season and we felt more confidence with our skills. I raced against Chris last month. We crewed for different captains on Hobie Tigers. We had loads of fun, but I came in second. I don’t mind, it was a learning experience and I hope to beat him next season.

Chris finished the spinnaker for our Hobie 16 and I am attaching a picture. We also have video coming.

Thank you both for a wonderful vacation and an education we will use for a lifetime.

Best regards,

Kathleen & Chris G.

Virginia Beach, VA.

See you at the Sail Boat Show!

Our students sailing after taking lessons on Biscayne Bay

Hobie Sailing with a spinnaker

Looks like lots of fun.  It may be a little bit wetter than sailing on Island Dreamer, but it’s certainly faster!

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