An Offshore Passage Opportunity to the Virgin Islands

Join Captain Jeff and Captain Jean on their Skye 51′ on a 2 week passage from Florida to the Virgin Islands.  The boat is a true blue water cruiser with 7′ draft equipped and the latest in marine electronics.   You will be able to experience a real open ocean passage with two captains who are both also ASA sailing instructors. What a great way experience an ocean crossing,  learning how to stand watches, navigate and do weather route planning all while under sail.

Having this kind of experience can answer the question of whether you want to cross an ocean in your own boat.  If you are thinking of buying a liveaboard sailboat to liveaboard and cruise on, this passage can help you decide what kind of boat you really need. You can contact Jeff and Jean directly and learn more about the trip at offshore sail training.

ocean crossing training in a sailboat

Open Ocean Sail Training with Jeff and Jean

They will be leaving in the middle of November, I think its really going to be a fun trip, to bad Margie and I can’t come!

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