Great Information about Living on Your Sailboat

Margie and I sold our house in 2001 and moved aboard our sailboat. Even though we had owned boats for the 25 years prior to that and spent most of our leisure time sailing and diving it still was a big step to leave a land based life. I spent an quite a bit of time reading up on the cruising life before we left, getting different perspectives of the possibilities of the liveaboard lifestyle helped us to shape our goals.  I just ran across an informative website about making a sailboat your liveaboard home, Mark  has some great thoughts about becoming a full time cruiser.

One of the great things about sailboat cruising is the freedom to choose not only your destination but also how you get there. The more you know about life on board before you leave the easier it will be for you and your partner to really enjoy cruising long term.  Happy reading!

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Cruisers in Israel

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