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We have had 3 customers (so far) that have taken the time to post reviews on In case you missed them;

Wes N writes;

We just returned from our four day couples sailing course and it was a wonderful (and unique) experience. Our goal was to achieve the ASA 101 and 103 certifications, and with Harold and Margie’s help we did it with time to spare. Both of the Ochsteins are skilled sailors, patient teachers, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the local waters in the Keys and the Miami area. We got plenty of sailing time in the big 41′ Island Dreamer  and also in their smaller (and less intimidating) 21′ boat, and still had time for a couple of fun evenings on shore. A bonus was the chance to see some of the local flora and fauna up close and personal – a big sea turtle, half a dozen porpoises, and and endless variety of birds native to the Keys. The calm, broad, shallow waters of the Keys turned out to be ideal for a couple of newbies with no sailing experience. What really makes this different from the average sailing school is that Harold and Margie aren’t just good instructors; the Island Dreamer is also their year-round home (they live aboard), and we got to know these lovely and hospitable people very well by the end of our trip. If your taste in vacations runs to the intimate bed & breakfast experience, and you want to become a confident sailor, you’ll love the Island Dreamer experience. If you’re more the Marriott type, or think that twelve meals a day on a huge cruise ship is the perfect holiday, then you may want to think again; Island Dreamer (and sailing in general) may not be for you. It was perfect for us.

David B;

The Very Best!!!!!!!!  Harold and Marge are the friends you have always known but you just haven’t met yet.  The sailing and navigation training is the best you can recieve.  The experiance, well I was lucky enough to learn more about myself.  If you don’t go sail with them you are missing one of life’s special moments.  David & Deanne Benn 2010

Peter C;

WOW!!!!!!!  What an awesome experience.  Capt’s Harold and Margie taught us so much of what we needed to sail safely, while offerring up great food and a terrific time.  Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Highly recommend their service. Go for it………

Thanks so much!

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