Sunrise, Sunset

Waking in the morning to first light while at sea is an experience you will never forget.  As the world slowly comes alive at its own pace, your senses begin to awaken to the music of the universe.  As the light kisses your eyes, you will smell coffee brewing somewhere in the distance.  You will hear the pelicans and herons playing near-by.  As you stumble out of you berth, you begin to taste the salt air and you will feel more alive than you have ever felt in your life.

Sail all day.

As the day fades, the sparkle on the water begins to glow.  The air is exhausted with warmth and everything starts to slow down.  The sky traverses the spectrum of blues and pinks and the sun becomes more and more voluptuous as it turns into a bloody orange sphere.  As it begins its descent, the Fire in the Sky oozes its lava-light across the sea.  It gets brighter as it sinks into the ocean, as if gasping for its last breath.  The death of the day is eminent.   The wind is dying down; the world is getting quiet again.  The final moments linger, not knowing when to leave the party.  Finally, the sun lets out one last gasp as you witness your part of the universe that marries fire and water.

Drift all night.

The cycle is complete.

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