Another Summer of Boy Scout Charters is Over

Margie and I Just finished 11 weeks of sailing our two 41′ Morgan Out Island Sailboats in the Boy Scouts Eco Adventure Program.  In the last six years we have had around 900 Scouts on the various sailboats we have captained at Seabase! Each week is new and different, some are a little harder than others, but they are all fun. Giving young adults the chance to learn about sailing, teaching them to freedive on a wreck in 20′, and helping them discover something new about themselves makes the hard work worth it.

When I  first started working as a Captain I was running a snorkel boat that did day trips to the reef. We were finishing a trip and approaching the dock so I asked how everyone liked it, there was a round applause for the crew and the experience. I was telling a fellow captain about it, his question was; In your 20  years of installing window treatments did anyone ever give you a round of applause? Sadly, no! It is really great to help people learn about something that can be so much fun.

Ted to a mooring bouy on a Boy Scout Eco Adventure charter

A great day for snorkeling, not so hot for sailing!

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