Key West, a unique and wonderful place

Margie and I spent two weeks after Boy Scout season regrouping in Key West. I ran across this description written as part of a promotional brochure for the railroad in the early 1900’s. It seems apt today;

The history of the island is as romantic as it’s surroundings: it is rich in pirate lore and survived on a more polite but slightly less piratical enterprise of “salvaging” wrecked ships…For over a century Key West was an active naval base which brought to it the operatic gaiety of an oceanic metropolis…but it is only in a poetic and mystic mood that one may divine truths buried under the few known facts. And it is under the spell of the islands, listening to the legends,  understanding the traditions, that one may find the true keys to the mysteries of the cosmopolitan and gay abandon of this “last frontier” where the American spirit is uniquely fused with a foreign flavor.

Could not have said it better myself! It describes some of the things I love about the being in the Keys,  whether its watching the sunrise from the solitude of  our boat or the endless party that is easy to find ashore when you want it.

Listening to music in Key West

At Sloppy Joe’s in Key West

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