Why our sailing lessons are a private charter

We are at the Annapolis Sailboat Show at our Couples Cruising Classes Booth and have been chatting with a number of couples that are at different levels in there sailing knowledge. It is great to be able to offer them a sailing class where they can get comfortable sailing with each other but  also tailor lessons to the specific areas they want to work on.

I was talking with a lady from South Africa  who owns a simple 28′ sloop (no engine or head!) that she does quite a bit of open ocean sailing with. Her husband is new to sailing and really wants a little more comfort. We are able to offer a liveaboard trip for them where they can see how civilized sailing can be,  working with him on how to sail and at the same time showing her some of the skills needed to keep the boat and engine systems working.

Captains Ann and Bob who teach with us on there 42′ Catalina were telling us about an ASA Basic Keelboat class they taught  helping out a sailing school in the Great lakes where they spent the summer.  It was a class with 4 people , all with different skill levels, that did not know each other before the class. They were able to get through the material and have everyone get a turn at the helm but it certainly was not the more relaxed atmosphere that we have when we do our couple to couple classes.

Couples Cruising class booth

Captains Harold and Margie


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