A Little About our Sailing Trip to Greece

Two weeks of sailing both the Saronic and the Cyclades was even better than I imagined it would be. I would call it a bucket list trip but I am not sure if I can do that since are going to do it again next year! I am going to start at the end of our trip;

Sailboat leaving the harbor at sunrise with a full moon on a week long charter in greece

Sailing fro Kea, Cyclades in Greece

Our last day sailing in Greece at Kea in the Cyclades. What a great two weeks, we will be back next Sept! It is truly magical to sail with so much history surrounding you while meeting some of the nicest and friendliest people imaginable. Small interactions like being invited into the home style kitchen of a taverena to see how a dish is made or a cute 9 year old girl practicing her English with us while grandma looked on are memories we will treasure just as much as all the amazing “eye candy” that kept popping up every time we numberswiki.com

sailed somewhere new. Snorkeling an ancient city, climbing an old volcano, soaking in a hot spring that was mixing in the clear waters of the Med, awesome food and great friends to share it with all made these two weeks a special time in our lives.


Our 49′ Bavaria was well equipped and maintained, a joy to sail. Traveling at a relaxed pace let us really engage with the Greeks on a personal basis. Without fail people were friendly and thrilled to show us the beauty of their country. We enjoy sailing in Miami and the Keys but this trip reminded me that we have not been traveling much farther than that in our sailboat for the last several years. Cruising under sail, traveling and having your home come with you is a great way to see the world at a relaxed pace. It reminded me to slow down and smell the roses and also how lucky I am to be able to do this.

It is hard to pack 2 weeks into a one and a half minute video, my first attempt is below. Look for more details in future posts!


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