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Sean and Natalies Review on Google;

After 30 years of bareboat chartering, in retirement we decided to buy the boat and live half a year at sea. We also decided to finish up our ASA course work, to polish up on our sailing skills and loose some of the bad habits we had acquired. The Island Dreamer folks provided a great […]

Look close for the Dolphin swimming in the background!

Visiting Key Largo? Go for an EcoSail!

We are very excited to announce our new sister business EcoSail. We will be sailing from Key Largo and taking our guests to some great gulfside kayaking and snorkeling spots under sail as we help them learn about the beautiful ecosystems of the Keys and the saltwater side of Everglades National Park. We are doing our […]

Good Thing Rainy Season Ended Oct 13!

Comments From our Last ASA 104 Class

Margie and I had a great time with Joe and Sharon this week even though it was a little rainy. Part of the class is weather planning and we have a full cockpit enclosure so the rain was a minor inconvenience. They were nice enough to give us 5 stars on Yelp and wrote this […]

A Hard Post to Write

A Hard Post to Write

Our good friend lost his wife in a car accident less than a year ago.  As they approached retirement sailing and cruising together was high on their list. There is always a balance in life between what seems important and what is really meaningful.  We make choices every day with how we live and what […]

A happy face on a Bahamas charter

Is It Safe to Sail With Infants?

What seems to be missing from the discussion of the rescue on Rebel Hart is how to safely sail with young kids and what limitations should responsible parents place on themselves

Cruising in the Bahamas

A New Blog About Living Aboard in Miami from a “Couple” of ASA Sailing Instructors

What it is like to live aboard a sailboat and be ASA sailing instructors

15 Reasons To Sail Greece in September

15 Reasons To Sail Greece in September

What is so special about exploring the Greek Islands by Yacht? Here are 15 quick thoughts on why you may want to put this to your “must do” list. 1. Dinner at the base of the Acropolis. 2. The beautiful clear deep blue waters are perfect for a swim. 3. The weather, highs around 80, […]

A calm morning underway from Hydra

What Are The Sea Conditions Like In Greece On A Sailing Yacht Charter?

How to have a comfortable sailing experience exploring the Greek Islands on a yacht.