What is a Class With Captains Derrek and Stephanie Like?

After working with them for two years I am still amazed at the great comments we receive from our customers;

Hi Harold,

 I had a great time sailing with Stephanie and Derek this weekend! They are incredible captains and instructors, I really learned a lot on this trip. The boat surpassed my expectations and all of the food/hospitality was fantastic and much appreciated. 
 Thank you for squeezing me in last minute and making everything work. Another big thanks to Derek and Stephanie for all of their hard work in helping me become a stronger and more confident sailor. You have a great team and I hope to return sometime for 104. 
Thanks again,
They have been living aboard and teaching our guests about what it is like for couples to cruise in their own sailboats  for two years. Their wide variety of sailing experiences make for great lessons and fascinating sea stories. Last year ASA flew them to the Bahamas to help with the soon to be released 104 Bareboat Cruising Textbook. They have both sailed boats of all sizes from tall ships to racing dinghy’s.
It is a great time of year to escape the winter cold and Derrek and Stephanie are a wonderful couple to spend a week with!
Doing an ASA 101,103 and 104 sailing class in the Florida keys

Captains and ASA instructors Derrek and Stephanie Approach Morning Dance in the Dinghy

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