What Are The Sea Conditions Like In Greece On A Sailing Yacht Charter?

The Greek Islands have an amazing diversity of weather and sea conditions.  There are some really comfortable and calm sailing locations that make for wonderful explorations.  There are some places and times of the year that are not so nice. Once when sailing in very difficult conditions off Key West and listening to the VHF radio I overhead a charter fishing captain mention it was a “little sporty” out here.  If you pick the wrong time and place in Greece it can get a “little sporty” there also.  Some people do thrive on rough water sailing, Margie and I are not in that category.


One of the reasons that we like September in Greece is the weather that time of year. In mid summer the Meltimi winds can be quite strong, in the 25-35 knot range making for larger seas. They tend to die out around the end of August and the winter low pressure systems do not start till into October. The temperature is delightful, cool enough to sleep comfortably at night but warm enough to swim in the day.

wing on wing sail in the agean on calm seas

A great downwind sail on our 49′ Bavaria sailboat

We really enjoy sailing in the Saronic Gulf. Much of the waters are protected by the proximity of the islands to each other making for calmer sails. There is a real variety of things to do and towns to visit. Because your time in Greece will be limited we like to make sure you have a real immersion in the diversity of the Greek culture. We really enjoy sailing and the views of the islands rising up out of the water as you are traveling by are awesome, but there is also an awful lot to see ashore. When we do our sailing school trips in Florida and the Bahamas we are under sail for most of the day, in Greece it is much closer to half the day. Of course we watch the weather and sometimes have change our plans but there is so much available that it is easy to find amazing things to do.


Many times we stop for a snorkel or swim before heading to the new town we will be exploring that evening. Generally we plan to arrive mid  to late afternoon so that you have plenty of time to visit ashore. Some islands like Hydra that have small harbors we will arrive early to make sure we get a spot for the night, certain towns we can do a late arrival if you want to have a relaxed morning before getting underway.


Margie and I have been sailing and boating for the last 30 years, sometimes in pretty rough conditions. We much prefer keeping things comfortable and work hard to keep our trips stress free.    We learned a long time ago that sailing on a tight schedule does not work well. Also critical is how important it is to watch the weather and plan your trip for the right time of the year based on local conditions.  Even with the best laid plans things do happen, having a sound boat and experienced crew can make the unexpected simply uncomfortable rather than scary.
As you can tell we are very enamored with Sailing in Greece, we would very much enjoy sharing it with you. 
Calm waters sailing in the saronic gulf

A calm morning underway from Hydra


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