15 Reasons To Sail Greece in September

What is so special about exploring the Greek Islands by Yacht? Here are 15 quick thoughts on why you may want to put this to your “must do” list.

1. Dinner at the base of the Acropolis.

enjoying dinner in greece

A perfect evening

2. The beautiful clear deep blue waters are perfect for a swim.

swiming on a yachting vacation in Greece

Floating in the Mediterranean

3. The weather, highs around 80, lows around 70,  summer Meltimi winds have relaxed and water temperature is around 78.

cruising the saronic on a 49' sailboat

Underway on a wonderful day

4.  Exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization.

living history in Athens

Thousands of years old

5. Hiking up an old volcano.

exploring and hicking on a mountain on a greek island

The view from the top!

6. The best grilled Lamb that I have ever had.

awsome dining exploring ashore on a sailing charter

Everything was homemade and grown on the owners land

7. Making new friends.

Greek home cooked meals with wonderful ingredients

Dinner with a view of our sailboat

8. The streets are paved with marble.

shopping on a trip ashore

Ashore in the Caclaydes

9. Sunset in Hydra.

the light and the islands are unimaginably beautiful

Sunset Grill is an unbeatable stop

10.  Sailing, need I say more.

underway to a new port each day

An awesome wing on wing sail

11. It is a perfect place to discover your sweet tooth.

shopping in small bakeries

Fresh desserts from the bakery every day!

12. Watching the sun come up in Methana.

Sailboats in the harbor waiting for the next days adventure

Sipping my coffee as the sun comes up.

13. Shopping for unique art.

in the platka wonderful art

Hand made unique glass

14. Fresh Seafood for dinner.

fresh fish for tonight's dinner

A fisherman prepares his catch

15. Last but certainly not least a romantic dinner with your wife.

renewing a wonderful relationship

Margie and I enjoying dinner together after 35 years of marriage

Margie and I are looking for a few couples to join us this September as we explore the Greek Islands.


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