A Hard Post to Write

Our good friend lost his wife in a car accident less than a year ago.  As they approached retirement sailing and cruising together was high on their list. There is always a balance in life between what seems important and what is really meaningful.  We make choices every day with how we live and what we do.  Reading Brads thoughts below remind me to make those choices count.

Continued sailing tonight. I spent about an hour on the phone with our friend Harold. Harold and Margie were our first sailing instructors. Harold and I were fraternity brothers at Butler as well.

A couple of years ago Harold and Margie organized a sailing trip to the Greek islands. Harold was telling me their schedule for the next couple of months and they are going again this year.

They go the first couple weeks in September. Deb and I weren’t able to go last year. The timing of several work issues was still up in the air and I didn’t feel I could commit at the time we had to commit by.

We put it on the list for “next year”…..

Here I am a year later, I don’t give a darn about how the acquisition went, Deb’s gone and we never saw the Greek Islands together.

Be careful of putting things on the list for “next year”. Sometimes what seems to be the right decision at the time can end up a very bad decision later.

Hug your loved ones twice tonight……


A common theme when we do trips for Boy Scout in the summertime at the start of the trip as we head out into the calm waters to our overnight anchorage as the sun sets is “Really, you get paid to do this?”. Being out on the water and surrounded by nature is awesome but sharing the joy with others is really where satisfaction lies.

Having a partner to share life experiences with fulfills a deep human need. Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we would like but in the end I think that 1+1 can equal much more than 2.  Margie and I both enjoy most aspects of cruising. She loves exploring and the history of the places we visit. I am more passionate about the mechanics of making a boat  move under sail. Together we help each other out of our comfort zone to find and enjoy new experiences.

A special note for Brad;

When we talked last night you mentioned in passing that  in your future cruising plans having someone to share it with could be a possibility. I know that Deb would want you to do that when you are ready. Treasure her memory as you find new paths in life.





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