Harold Ochstein

Sailing to the Bahama’s on a new Outbound Yacht

We recently had the chance to help a couple sail to the Bahama’s and learn about their new 46′ Outbound Sailboat. We left from South Florida in the evening and arrived in  the Berry Islands the next evening. We spent the next couple of days practicing docking, sailing and doing man overboard drills. Of course […]

Wishing I could write this well

Since I am on this NY Times kick heres a quote from an article by Sam Sifton in todays paper; “There is only the water, a soft pale grassy green flecked with white that gives way to teal in the channels, and to straw-ruffled browns on the flats, the oily green rise of mangrove hummocks […]

Kayaking in the Florida Keys

There is a great article in the NY Times today  about Kayaking near Marathon; “WE were paddling atop an expanse of shin-deep water, and our guide was in the middle of a long recital of facts about the old Seven Mile Bridge, the decaying concrete structure we had just passed beneath.” Whether you are Kayaking, […]

Margies new article on sailboat heeling

Margie wrote a new article for womens sailing connection that begins with her intro to sailing; So the person you really care about and that you thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with has decided that he must have a sailboat.  How could it happen that the person you thought you […]

The seldom visited parts of the Florida Keys

A quote from the Key West Citizen- “Although the Florida Keys are connected by more than 40 bridges spanning the 110-mile island chain, the vast majority of keys are remote, uninhabited and accessible only by boat.” Although Margie and I had visited the Keys many times before, the first time we sailed down from Miami […]

Keys sailing spots

I just responded to this post at the SSCA discussion Board- Hi, This is our first time cruising from Miami to the FL Keys. We draw 5’7″. Can anyone recommend a float plan, such as where is the best place to crossover to Hawk Channel, as well as selected anchorages along the way to Key […]

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

We had a great sail up the backside of the Keys from Islamorada to Card Sound. We saw quite a bit of wildlife including Dolphins, Cormorants, Ospreys and a Rosette Spoonbill. but the most exciting was a Saltwater Croc in Jewfish Creek. This is the first one we have seen in the wild. They are […]

A calm water sail from Islamorada to Key West

A calm water sail from Islamorada to Key West

We left the Boy Scouts of America’s High Adventure Seabase with a 25 knot wind behind us 2 days after Christmas. Island Dreamer and our buddy boat Chantaclair took the backcountry route on the north side of the Florida Keys for our sail to Key West. The geography of the lower Keys with its shallow […]

Back to Miami

Harold and I have just finished the Winter Break season chartering with the Boy Scouts at Seabase in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  I worked with the Boy Scouts here at base preparing them for their week-long charters on the Morgans, CSYs, schooners, ketches, sloops and other kinds of sailing vessels; while Harold took a […]

St Pete Boat Show

Margie and I worked at the Women’s Sailing Connection booth at the show. It was great chatting about how to be comfortable living on and operating a sailboat. There was real interest from many couples in increasing their knowledge in preparation for the cruising life. A recurring theme was the difficultly of learning from your […]