Harold Ochstein

Cruisers in Israel

Great Information about Living on Your Sailboat

Margie and I sold our house in 2001 and moved aboard our sailboat. Even though we had owned boats for the 25 years prior to that and spent most of our leisure time sailing and diving it still was a big step to leave a land based life. I spent an quite a bit of time reading […]

Commercial Shipping and your Sailboat

When Margie and I leave Miami to sail to the Bahamas one of the scariest parts of the trip are the lights of a big ship heading towards us. The recent development of AIS has made this passage much easier. AIS transmitters are required on all boats over 150′ and optional on smaller boats. They give the location, […]

Open Ocean Sail Training with Jeff and Jean

An Offshore Passage Opportunity to the Virgin Islands

Join Captain Jeff and Captain Jean on their Skye 51′ on a 2 week passage from Florida to the Virgin Islands.  The boat is a true blue water cruiser with 7′ draft equipped and the latest in marine electronics.   You will be able to experience a real open ocean passage with two captains who are both also ASA […]

Dolphin in Florida Bay

Margie and I were moving the sailboat back to BSA Seabase and I managed to make this video with my phone.

Hobie Sailing with a spinnaker

Comments from a Couples ASA Class

I just got this from a couple that joined us last spring; Harold & Margie, Sorry for not writing sooner but since we arrived home from out trip with you (May 2010) our lives have been at full speed. We cannot thank you enough for the hospitality and education you both provided during our ASA […]