Sailing from a different viewpoint

I want to welcome my sister Jodi as a contributer to our blog.  I have been very busy this season doing couples sailing classes, I have not not had much time to post.  Jodi has agreed to give some of her perspectives about sailing and the Florida Keys.  Enjoy!

Young Sailing Skipper at the Helm

Why Learn To Sail, 1957 Edition

I picked up the August, 1957 Popular Boating Magazine at an Antique fair on South Beach.  From an ad by the National Sailing Association; Skippering a sailboat builds character. It teaches responsibility, dexterity, ingenuity and good sportsmanship. It attracts companions with equally high ideals. Young sailors are rarely troublemakers. What an argument to teach your kids sailing! Imagine what they would have had […]

Boca Chita Harbor at sunrise

Follow Your Dreams

I was interviewed for a business magazine about turning your hobby or passion into a business.  One of the questions asked was what mistakes have you made. I had a hard time answering last night, this morning as the sun was coming up I sent her this follow-up; When I was in my early 30’s  I considered getting […]

Island Dreamer Sailing Reviews on Yelp

We have had 3 customers (so far) that have taken the time to post reviews on yelp.com. In case you missed them; Wes N writes; We just returned from our four day couples sailing course and it was a wonderful (and unique) experience. Our goal was to achieve the ASA 101 and 103 certifications, and […]

Cruisers in Israel

Great Information about Living on Your Sailboat

Margie and I sold our house in 2001 and moved aboard our sailboat. Even though we had owned boats for the 25 years prior to that and spent most of our leisure time sailing and diving it still was a big step to leave a land based life. I spent an quite a bit of time reading […]

Commercial Shipping and your Sailboat

When Margie and I leave Miami to sail to the Bahamas one of the scariest parts of the trip are the lights of a big ship heading towards us. The recent development of AIS has made this passage much easier. AIS transmitters are required on all boats over 150′ and optional on smaller boats. They give the location, […]

Couples Cruising Class in Annapolis

Margie and I will be helping Captain Jean and Captain Jeff with the Couples Cruising Seminar in Annapolis October 9. It will be a great way to learn more about cruising from a group of very experienced sailors; The goal of the Couples Cruising Seminar is to give you the tools and perspectives you need as a […]

Clear water at Hens & Chickens Reef

Eco Adventure Sailing Pictures

Jay Brittian sent me these pictures of their scout troops sailing trip with Margie and I. Their Eco Adventure included Everglades National park along with snorkeling the reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. You can tell he is a wonderful professional photographer, thanks for sharing.

Sailing in John Pennekamp Park

Sailboats and Mangroves

When you think of sailing it’s open waters and a unlimited horizon but some of the joys of cruising are the chance to see what the natural world has to offer. We were recently exploring John Pennekamp Park with another couple that was working on there  Bareboat Chartering Certification and passed though the fascinating area  below.  The Mangroves […]

Morning Dance on an Eco Adventure trip

Eco Adventure Sailing with the Boy Scouts

We have had a very busy spring and early summer, we just finished our 6th Eco Adventure trip with the Scouts. Captain Margie is running Island Dreamer and I am at the helm of Morning Dance, our 2 Morgan Out Island 41′ sailboats. We take 6 Scouts per boat along with 2 3-person Kayaks. Our wonderful Eco […]