A calm water sail from Islamorada to Key West

A calm water sail from Islamorada to Key West

We left the Boy Scouts of America’s High Adventure Seabase with a 25 knot wind behind us 2 days after Christmas. Island Dreamer and our buddy boat Chantaclair took the backcountry route on the north side of the Florida Keys for our sail to Key West. The geography of the lower Keys with its shallow […]

Back to Miami

Harold and I have just finished the Winter Break season chartering with the Boy Scouts at Seabase in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  I worked with the Boy Scouts here at base preparing them for their week-long charters on the Morgans, CSYs, schooners, ketches, sloops and other kinds of sailing vessels; while Harold took a […]

St Pete Boat Show

Margie and I worked at the Women’s Sailing Connection booth at the show. It was great chatting about how to be comfortable living on and operating a sailboat. There was real interest from many couples in increasing their knowledge in preparation for the cruising life. A recurring theme was the difficultly of learning from your […]

St Pete Boat Show

Margie and I will be at the st pete show helping to promote a new womens sailing website. Hope to see you there

Sailing Upwind and Reducing Heel

Last week we took a group of high school seniors on a sail from Safety Harbor on the gulf side of Islamorada around to Indian Key on the ocean side.  The weather was sunny and the wind was brisk–about 20 knots from the northeast and cool.  We put the second reef in the main sail […]

at anchor by panhandle key

Where are the Lobster?

We went diving this weekend with our guests by the Channel Two Bridge in Islamorada. No lobster but we saw several Goliath Grouper. I guess they had a tasty dinner!  We also saw a Spotted Eagle Ray and several Tarpon. In the summer when the water is warm this area is good hunting. Due to […]

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